Thursday, April 15, 2010

Matthew Good For Prime Minister!

It's a well-known fact that I am a huge fan of Mr. Good's body of musical work but I am also a huge fan of his humanitarian work as well. While I would much rather get along with a cat or a dog as they seem capable of unconditional love, I respect those that advocate for human rights. Matthew Good is one of those people. I love the fact that he uses his voice through music and through his website to bring forth awareness to people who otherwise would not search out this kind of information and enlightenment as to what goes on in a world that seems to be overrun by a "me me" generation and run by large corporations. He also expounds awareness for mental illness and mental health and is very vocal about his views on politics. I have seen him perform live five times thus far, making him the most seen musician in my concert-going career.

His latest body of work titled "Vancouver" is a wondrous collection of songs written by himself and has a focus on the decline of his hometown of Vancouver, Canada. Actually, Mr. Good grew up in Coquitlam which is a suburb of Vancouver and also where the Matthew Good Band was formed in 1993. Due to differences of opinion, the band split in 2002. He now works with another band but he is the brains and brawn behind all that you hear now.

Matthew Good is a big supporter of Amnesty International which is a non-profit organisation for human rights.

He is also involved with The Canadian Mental Health Association and was diagnosed after a lengthy battle with unwell-being as being bipolar. I suppose this factor makes him that much more human to me and I am able to relate to a lot of what he sings about in his songs.

His music sends shivers down my spine, especially when he incorporates orchestral elements into his songs. I find myself relating to songs about mental illness and loss, the decline of humanity and the sad state of affairs our world is currently in. All in all, Matthew Good was born to make music. For if he did anything else, there would be one hell of a loss in the Canadian music scene, scratch that.. in the WORLD music scene and for that, I am grateful.

Unfortunately, I don't have the time right now to write out all that I would like about him as it would take hours, so this is a short version of certain tidbits I find pertinent to himself and his career as I relate to it.

One last thing that I should say, I would vote for him as Prime Minister of Canada in a heartbeat! I think he would do a fantastic job of turning this upside-down country into something I could be proud of. As of right now, I have no political party to vote for as they all seem to have one agenda and that is to serve major corporations and NOT the general populace of Canada.

I will leave you with a few of my favourite tunes off of his latest album.

First track off the album titled: Last Parade

And three tracks I absolutely love:

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  1. Great post! As a more recent Matt Good fan.. thanks to a certain someone ;) I am extremely impressed with the depth and power of his music, from a production, musical and intellectual standpoint.